We can brag about being independent Women all day long, but on the realest tip EVER, as a working mother myself with a FT hustle, a few in betweens PLUS trying to get my brand off of the ground here @ AmbSoul I can attest to it never being easy (as it shouldn’t) and most importantly, how being so exhausted really affects my ability to give my daughter the time she TRULY deserves and I thank my GOD that I only have one child to be responsible for right now.

SN: I honestly care not about who is judging me in regards to my revelation… After work my MAIN priority is a pillow.

My real point is, I see why a lot of women’s jobs, just decades ago, were mainly to tend to their families and their homes. The man worked to provide (AS THEY SHOULD!!) and mama nurtured her babies and her nest. With all of these role reversals, erasals (a word – cause I said so. ), and all other types of political correctness that we’ve brought into our homes we’ve blurred every line possible. With everyone wanting to be bosses, hustlers, and so on we’ve moved on from (and become ashamed of) being simple housewives. We spend less time with our children, MORE money on childcare (because, let’s face it, childcare payments are a mortgage), and Less time doing what’s really important for the sake of money, titles, notoriety and simply for the ‘gram.

Now, I am realistic because, honey, we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do – single ladies!! But I’m not blind to what I see and personally I’m not okay with a system raising my child, getting minimal hours in with her, coming home tired as heck, barely time to relax in my home and even CLEAN it properly. I just don’t feel that God is pleased with the world that we’ve created for ourselves. We’ve gone OUTSIDE of Him to make things happen for our own pleasure and usually we fall into troubles. I know I have, I’ve yet to be married but I am a mother, in turn I’ve created a life for myself that I have to fill 2 roles (temporarily! ☝🏽) and while some wear the mother-father combo badge with honor, I know that I am simply a woman and I can only do what women do. I wasn’t wired nor created to be mommy AND daddy, quite frankly I LOATHE when people attempt to recognize me on father’s day… Sir/ma’am, I am a mother and that is good enough.


I’ve branded myself as Superwoman, because I feel as such but this Superwomen needs Superman to come to HER rescue, okay! That’s the power of a family unit, the woman and the man build one another up, there is an exchange going on which is crafted by Jehovah God, Himself, under His covenant and His covenant ALONE – marriage. I am NOT too proud to say that I am a woman who NEEDS, YES – NEEDS a man! Why? Because, I am supposed to… it’s literally what we were made for; men are supposed to be needed (just as women) because we all have a special place.

That’s it for my thoughts, tell me YOURS below👇🏽 in the comments OR carry the convo over to social media📲🖱️. We are @Ambitiousoulife on ALL platforms !

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