HEALTH WATCH: What is The Alkaline Diet and What Can It Do For YOU? + A Letter From Our Editor

Edited by: @ambsoulnadj
Photo by Mohau Mannathoko on Unsplash
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

• 19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; •  20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies

Today, we are chatting about HEALTH (because we love ya 😘) ! As a food loving society, we now LIVE to EAT and we prefer it over the intended purpose of survival to obtain and retain nutrients. We love our pizza and fast foods, foreign cuisines, sugary drinks, snack foods, and YES our booze!giphy (34).gif Science tells us that eating makes us release chemicals for pleasure and it CAN be dangerous if we over do it . . . and we do! We are a generation that has come to love and completely indulge in pleasures of all types which, in turn has made us lovers of self. Not to sound preachy BUUUTTTT. . . if  you are a believer, please know that Christ is not pleased (Thank us later 😉). I digress, HOWEVER, we’ve got to know that all of those harsh foods and chemicals throw our bodies out of whack (ladies ! 😬) and only fresh and healthy foods along with good clean water in our diets can realign our balance.

Now, on to bigger fish. . . what the heck is Alkaline?

Well, ALKALI is a soluble salt obtained from the ashes of plants and consisting largely of potassium or sodium carbonate

Daunte Henderson from wrote in a post from October 2018 that even though there has not been any studies to prove the theory of Alkaline being beneficial to the body, there was a noticeable difference within himself. Dr. Sebi on the other hand, actually, did preform several tests, with noted approvals from different accredited doctors in which many of his patients experienced better health.  An alkaline diet consists of cutting out your normal acid forming foods and is exclusive to mostly produce, nuts, seeds, and spices. In an article from  acids were broken down into foods with mostly high-protein like meats, dairy products, beans and peas, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and grains.

According to WebMD this diet takes a large amount of effort as you’ll be removing most of the foods that you normally eat in exchange for less acidic options, and this in turn assists you in losing weight. In fact, this isn’t too far from being vegan and is mostly, if not, entirely vegetarian. There have been claims of this diet highly benefiting cancer patients, while there isn’t too many claims of curing the disease, WebMD states that : Some studies have found that an alkaline environment may make certain chemotherapy drugs more effective or less toxic. But it has not been shown that an alkaline diet can do this or help prevent cancer. If you have cancer, talk to your doctor or dietitian about your nutritional needs before starting any type of diet.

So many of us are trying to get into the best shape of our lives with diets to match (and when I say  “us” I am literally adding myself) we do fad diets, we work out as much as we can and we do whatever possible to get that Instagram/ Snapchat worthy look. I (@ambsoulnadj) have gained so much weight in the year of 2019 that it is not even funny, I have gone through so many loops and emotional roller coasters that I am simply praying for these last 4 months to be nothing but blessings. I am the heaviest that I have EVER been and I have no intention on getting any bigger.  I am not trying to hi-jack this post to vent but it feels so good to be transparent. I will be joining you all on this journey to great health because I deserve it, my daughter deserves it and I know that you all deserve it for yourselves. If you have a weight loss journey that you’d like to share, please send us an email or DM us on social media! We are @Ambitiousoulife on ALL platforms, send us pics of before and after and we will share you right here on From the bottom of our hearts, we love you and even if you DON’T have a present weight-loss story, still share with us your journey of health and what you would like to change.

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