#DatingAndWaiting: Best Dates For Celibate Couples

Greetings to all of my dating and waiting couples! There aren’t many things that cater towards our few yet faithful group but we always find ways to make it work. If you are dating and celibate, we have a few date night ideas to make things a little more interesting for you!

DAYTIME EVENTS: blckcouple

Attend daytime functions like sporting events, have a picnic in the park or attend an exercise class (yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, etc). This will help you bond over things aside from the fact that you’re abstaining from sex. Try a cooking class for couples and learn new skills to take into your hopeful marriage.

FINE ARTS: people-2564416_640

Expose each other different types of wine by visiting vineyards, take a trip to an art gallery, nearby museums or make plans to attend a theater show. Keep things interesting by stimulating each other’s minds and challenging each other to do extraordinary activities.

GROUP OUTINGS:people-2591670_640

Call some close friends and plan a group outing! There are a number of activities to try like bowling, skating, amusement/water parks, laser tag, an escape room or even a city scavenger hunt. These activities are safe and you’ll be surrounded by people who would hold you accountable if things got a little touchy.


If this isn’t your first go-round and you or your partner has children, incorporate your children in some of your dates. If you or your partner feels comfortable enough to allow each other around your children, take them to the zoo, let them play in the park, go on a hike, ride bikes or see a movie. Depending on how serious you are in your relationship, this can be the beginning of a bond with your possible step-children and vice-versa.

As advocates for dating and waiting we understand the need to create a true bond with your significant other while being in the courting stage . Most would argue that celibacy doesn’t always work, which isn’t factual, sex should never be the main foundation of a marriage, maintaining your purity is commanded by God and is found in our Christian Bible in several scriptures. Some would argue that many couples have sex before marriage and are happy and that celibate couples also divorce but the thing is, we have no clue as to what ended or even initiated this union and we can’t blame it on waiting as we would be calling God’s designed system flawed, and nothing that He has created for its intended purpose has failed. We also must be careful when watching those who may not be believers as we are not under the same law, if former-fornicators are believers with a successful marriage then you are to celebrate their union and cast not judgment on the life that may or may not have lived. Everything that was God-made, does exactly what it should do and if we follow our bible, as believers, then we can surely maintain a healthy relationship prior to and after marriage.

One last thing that we must address as many whom are celibate tend to lean towards other physical methods of pleasure such as masturbation, anal or oral sex, which is not an exception to the rule as it is still forbidden by God outside of marriage. In a relationship you must hold each other accountable if celibacy is the route in which you are taking and are committed to. Many secular views and publications give the okay to activities that our Father in Heaven has rebuked. If you are a believer, seek godly counsel on any concerns that you may have and even on your current struggles (if any) with sex. We are by no means pushing a negative light on something so natural as sexual intercourse but rather bringing to light something that many people are concerned with but aren’t quite sure on how to handle them.

We encourage you dating and waiting individuals to seek engagement counseling to ensure that you are marry for the right reasons and not simply to please your flesh without the guilt from sin, we encourage life long unions and we celebrate every union built or rebuilt on the foundation of Christ. Drop a comment below of your experience with dating and waiting, marriage and your views as believer or a person curious of this lifestyle.

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