Health Watch: How Safe Are Appetite Suppressants?

Show of hands, who wants a “fleek” physique with a flat tummy???


There’s a growing trend on social media surrounding various brands of appetite suppressants, which are now being sold in the form of teas, shakes, and lollipops. They look tempting, but how safe are they to consume ? Do they work, and how easily can our teens access these products?

Let’s start the convo by acknowledging that appetite suppressants are usually classified as a type of medication. Many can be found over the counter as a dietary supplement, much like vitamins, that claim to assist in curbing your hunger to lose weight, although it hasn’t been proven through the FDA . Budding brands are heavily using social media to market towards younger women, using influencers like Reginae Carter, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, well-known bloggers, models like Blacc Chyna and more. Many of them are starting to use heavier (overweight) women to attract more consumers but how effective are they?

WebMD concludes that prescribed weight-loss medication, including appetite suppressants, assist in about 5% of weight-loss over the course of one year which averages about 10 lbs. They also stress that these medications don’t work [well] alone and that true diet and exercise changes contribute more to weight-loss than the drugs, themselves, this does not include the dietary supplements being pushed via social media which has no true evidence of effectiveness. What has been promised, however, is the removal of bloat and sluggishness, an increase to your metabolism, improvement in your digestion and the acceleration of your energy levels. Many of them are labeled as detox drinks that could be taken day or night, depending on the specific pack that you choose and they include instructions on how to properly consume the product.

The recommended adjustments to make when you consume this product, by it’s manufacturer, is to cut out the consumption of all gas causing vegetables (broccoli , cabbage, cauliflower, etc.), work out and include fiber in your diet, track your progress with before and after photos to “encourage you to stay motivated”, eat less and eliminate pleasurable drinking (aside from water), oh and buy new workout gear (you figure). Highya, LLC informs us that there is insufficient evidence to support that the ingredients in many of these beverages can provide any of the benefits being pushed by the company and endorsed by celebrities.

There also seems to be an ongoing myth concerning detoxes as our bodies are fully capable to cleanse itself through our liver and colon. Many of these products are only high dollar laxatives that also aide in water reduction. These results are temporary as water weight returns once the liquids in your body are replenished.

We won’t (completely) discourage you from adopting new methods of weight-loss, we do however encourage healthy living and maintaining your temple in the safest manner possible. Please beware of the side effects before consuming new medications by discussing your options with a doctor and studying the ingredients in the event of an allergic reaction. Certain appetite suppressant dietary products may cause dizziness, dehydration and interfere with certain types of contraception.


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