Today is the day for all you peanut lovers ! Let’s celebrate a snack that can make almost anyone happy (unless you’re allergic, sorry), produce a variety of dishes, and most importantly a nut that isn’t really a nut. . . it’s a legume. In honor of one of the cutest holidays, we are paying homage to the beloved peanut by gracing you with some of the best darn foods ever made with them, see below:

Peanut Butter on a Knife
Peanut Butter

1. Unless you like jelly sandwiches, this ingredient is essential to a good ole PB&J !Patented in 1884 by Marcellus Edson and sold 10 years later by George Bayle, we thank you all for such a handy and convenient snack!


Peanut Brittle

2. Your grandmother was onto something those times she made you fresh brittle! These hard sugar treats are found all over the world with a variety of names, now they’re sold in stores under a number of brands, pick some up today!



3. Who can forget about this guilty pleasure? The Baby Ruth has been around almost 100 years and debates have gone on to decide who it’s really named after, the homerun hitter Babe Ruth or President Cleveland’s daughter Ruth Cleveland. We don’t really care who it is, because this baby is a hit!



4. You either love a Snickers… or you love a Snickers and if you hate it then you’re clearly hungry because “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry”. Established in 1930 and originally called the Marathon Bar under the company Mars, and officially named “Snickers” during the 70’s. We thank Mars for giving us a reason to “Grab a Snickers”.

That’s it for today, you guys, remember to be great and follow our brand new social media pages!

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